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Classical pieces and heart songs

Music to aspire and inspire miracles

My passion is to evoke inner silence and connection through my music.

Welcome to my music page. Here you will find most of my spiritual and new age type of music, download it and get in touch with me.  Making "miracle music" is the greatest passion of mine.

Blessings x Jacob Hauge Mateo

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Jacob Hauge is writing spiritual music inspired by A Course in Miracles
Jacob Hauge, modern day new age artist, playing spiritual songs on the piano - A course in miracles

"Be in me O Spirit, when I wake
Shine on me througout the day

Give my thoughts a break

I feel you when I pray"

— From "BE IN ME O SPIRIT" from the album SONGS FOR THE LOST & FOUND - Sung by Anne Louise Ørskov Aremark

"These songs are a healing balm for the soul"

"Songs for the Lost and Found is an album that sooths the heart and lights the mind! These songs are a healing balm for the soul, inspiring a rest that is deeper than words. God's Blessing shines on us, and we give thanks for these wondrous gifts!"

-David Hoffmeister of Living Miracles (A Course in Miracles teacher)

David Hoffmeister and Mooji - spiritual teachers
Spiritual songs about life - inspired by ACIM A Course in Miracles

"Do you hold your special ones

strong and soft into your chest?

knowing they are all love’s manifest

And do you see your need for touch

despite the value you give thought;

Don’t hold yourself in hunger anymore"

— From "DO YOU EVER STOP TO STARE" from a forthcoming album late 2021

Jacob Hauge Mateo - Spiritual and new age songs for awakening